Daniel Fleet

“Hands-on” Software Architect


+1 506 454 8485

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Principal Software Engineer SkillSoft PLC




Lead Architect, SkillSoft LMS Add-on Application Group

  • Responsible for overall architectural design of a set of strategic value-add applications for a hosted learning management system, as part of a software development process.

  • Contribute directly to projects as a technical team lead, retaining a “hands-on” awareness of system operation, mentoring and leading development teams in realizing designs.

  • Drive initiatives to introduce unit testing philosophy, usability studies, code-reuse and software infrastructure enhancements to lower deployment and management cost.

  • Technologies include: Java, Tomcat, ColdFusion, JUnit unit testing, Ant, Web Services, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Struts, WebWork, Freemarker, JSP, Object-oriented design, “lower-case” agile development processes.


Senior Software Architect, SkillSoft Solution Services

  • Analyzed requirements and produced designs for enhancements to a standard learning management system to support migrating a principal customer from a highly customized platform to the standard platform.

  • Led implementation of add-on applications and core product enhancements to meet the customer’s specialized needs, in a manner to be marketable to a wider audience.

  • Mentored local development team on adoption of new development methods and skills as a result of merging with an acquiring software engineering group, including transitioning from ASP to Java/JSP based development and agile methods.

  • Technologies included: Object-oriented development, Java, Tomcat, Struts, JSP, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Ant, test-first, unit-testing, “lower-case” agile development processes.


Lead architect, SmartForce Global Services Custom Learning Management System

  • Principal architect and designer of a highly tailored learning management system for the largest client account of the company.

  • Lead a team of 5 designers in analyzing formal requirements, and refactoring a pre-existing learning management framework to meet the requirements.

  • Defined and championed a software design and development process for the dedicated software development team.

  • Technologies included: Object-oriented design, ASP, IIS, Microsoft SQL Server 2000


Senior Software Architect, SmartForce Global Services

  • Principal software designer and architectural consultant for a contracting services group that customized a hosted learning management system for specialized needs.

  • Designed software and solution procedures for customer platform customization requests; Interacted with customers to gather and analyze customer requirements and translate them into effective designs.


System Architect, SmartForce Learning Management System

  • Member of the software design team for an advanced reporting delivery platform and instructor-led training module development, using the Rational Unified Process.

  • Mentored developers in implementation of designed applications on an ASP application.


Senior Software Developer and Co-Founder NVision Software Systems Inc.




Business Administration 

  • Co-founded a startup to develop and market technology for interactive visualization of dynamic relational information using three dimensional graphical techniques.  

  • Served on the Board of Directors, helping raise $1.2 million in venture capital, negotiating the acquisition of key intellectual property rights from the University of New Brunswick.

  • Attended marketing and trade shows to demonstrate and promote the product.  Participated in on-site customer sales and setup programs.


Senior Software Developer 

  • Re-engineered a Silicon Graphics Irix-based visualization application to the Microsoft Windows platform, using C++ and the OpenGL graphics standard. 

  • Designed general visual representation and three dimensional layout techniques for relational data. 

  • Led a development team on implementation of application functionality. 

  • Designed and implemented business domain demonstration applications for marketing and sales, application Installshield installer, and maintained the unit test framework, testbed, and build system.  

  • Administered software alpha and beta programs.  


Senior Developer, University of New Brunswick Human-Computer Interaction Lab




Senior Developer, Collaborative Work Environment Project 

  • Designed and implemented a virtual world communication and control infrastructure for a generic-task, multiple user, three-dimensional collaborative graphical work environment, running over TCP/IP, written in C++ and OpenGL.  

  • Created proof-of-concept application server and clients, consisting of a multi-user 3D undersea pipeline layout planning system. 


Senior Developer, Human-Computer Interaction Lab Research 

  • Performed experimental studies on 3D scene navigation, path finding, and virtual world interaction techniques.  

  • Collaborated with Dr. Colin Ware on the design and implementation of a set of graphical widgets for navigating virtual space using mouse inputs based upon experiment results. 

  • Presented findings at conferences and wrote papers for academic publication. 


Programmer/Analyst, Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station, NB Power Corporation



Programmer/Analyst, Control Systems Group

  • Designed and deployed a toolkit and hardware driver modification for the exchange of code and data between a PC network and the Varian V-70 control computers;  Refactored mission-critical station control management applications from Pascal to Modula-2.


Programmer/Analyst, Data Management Group

  • Principal designer and developer of a reusable, object-oriented windowing text editor component in C, for integration into VAX/VMS data management systems.

  • Contributed to the design and implementation of a framework for VAX/VMS based station data management systems, and implemented applications using the framework.  



Master of Computer Science, University of New Brunswick

Thesis: Visualization of Data Communications in 3D.  


  • Graduated with first class honors. 


Thesis Study 

  • Led experimental studies regarding the effect of frame rate on a viewer's perception of animated sequences of similar objects.  

  • Developed and experimentally tested rendering techniques designed to overcome the effects of temporal aliasing.  

  • Implemented and evaluated a 3D representation of a communication link, graphically animating message transmission rate to cover three orders of magnitude.  

  • Applied the research results in a 3D visualization of a cellular telephone network for Nortel. 


Individual Study 

  • Designed and implemented visual techniques for enhancing HTML pages with animated graphical 'gestures' as overlays.  

  • Implemented a web browser enhanced with graphical gesture recording bound to HTML elements, audio recording, and scripted playback capabilities. 


Bachelor of Computer Science, University of New Brunswick

Thesis: Formal Description Techniques for Communication Protocol Design and Implementation


  • Graduated with first class honors with a specialization in Software Systems.  

  • Completed the 'Co-Op' work term education stream, alternating real-world work experience with academic semesters. 



  • An Environment that Integrates Flying and Fish Tank Metaphors, CHI’97 Demonstration paper, CHI’97 Extended Abstracts, Atlanta, GA, pp 8-9.

  • Integrating Flying and Fish Tank Metaphors with Cyclopean Scale, Proceedings of Computer Graphics International, 1997, Hasselt and Diepenbeek, Belgium, pp 39-46.

  • Context Sensitive Flight Interface, Proceedings of the 1997 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics, Providence, RI, pp 127-130.

  • Sat on expert’s panel at the National Research Council Workshop on Visualization, in July 1999, Ottawa. Topic of discussion was “Aspects of visualization and its value in real-world applications”.



Microsoft Certified Professional: 

  • 70-229 – Designing and Implementing Databases with SQL Server 2000 

  • 70-300 – Analyzing Requirements and Defining Microsoft .NET Solution Architectures 

  • 70-310 – Developing XML Web Services and Server Components with Microsoft .NET